The Areca Palm is probably the most versatile palm tree there is. This is because it can serve a variety of requirements in the Tampa Bay Area very well and with relatively little maintenance. 

We install Areca Palm Trees typically for screening. We installed or transplanted many dozens of them last year, not including the many we cleaned up or are responsible for in our bed maintenance accounts.

Areca Palms can be bought in many configurations: 

  • Container grown – 3 Gal. Typically 3  – 4′ and up
  • Ball and Burlap – typically 9 – 10′ and up
  • Cleaned out – “Babies” or “pups” are sometimes cleaned out early on leaving an essentially bare trunk area. These are considered “specimens” used as a focal point more than full screening, although they can still serve as a “statement” type of screening more than a “full coverage from top to bottom” type of screening.
  • Tall and lanky, few trunks – good for confined areas
  • Broad and numerous trunks – usually transplants – for more open areas
  • Short and full

Benefits of Areca Palm Trees

The Areca Palm, officially known as Chrysalidocarpus lutescens, is a hardy plant that’s very versatile and has many benefits:

  • Instant screening
  • Fast growers
  • 50% self-cleaning fronds
  • Can be bought in many configurations and to suit any budget
  • Lush green tropical look
  • Very few health issues – Saddleback Caterpillars, nutritional deficiencies
  • All but extreme cold tolerance, especially when mature
  • Their size can be controlled by hiring a contractor to perform a trunk reduction and/or root mass reduction
  • Well-suited to transplanting

Palm Tree Experts

We offer complete expert service of all Palm Trees: 

  • Consultation
  • Procurement
  • Installation
  • Fertilization
  • Transplanting
  • Root mass reduction
  • Pruning

Areca Palms in the Florida Landscape

This project illustrates the use of Areca Palms in three areas:

  1. To the left along the fence line – alternated with Travelers Palms for screening house on the other side and fence, variety of foliage and as a backdrop for further smaller landscape plantings to come in the spring surrounding the palms will complete this tropical shade garden.
  2. Center – New 45 Gal. Areca Palms provide an instant screening and “lagoon” feel of a Jacuzzi/hot tub and pool.
  3. Right – 20′ + tall Areca, not cleaned out entirely but thinned for semi – screening at lower levels serves several functions. Replaced a dirty leaf dropping tree to keep the pool and deck clean. Provided matching height to balance the surrounding trees in the backyard filling in a “dead” spot in the corner. Gave needed foliage in just the right area to accent all the “brick and mortar” of the two story home. Transplanted from another residential home. 

Year after year, job after job, Master Gardener has proven to have the “magic eye” to know what plant is needed where. Call us for your free consultation today!


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