This beautiful Temple Terrace property has an expansive space for some vegetative decor.  Nutritious soil and arrangement of healthy plants were added to create a stunning view. The landscape has been arranged and manicured to make it really stand out.

Cleared the entire planter of weeds and dying plant material. Lively, young plants we planted in their place. Nutrient soil was spread along the area and the rest was mulched in to retain moisture and suppress weed growth.

“The entryway to my house has never looked better. The vibrant, lively plants are beautiful to look at as you pass by and a delight to see every morning. Master Gardener Landscaping did a great job making my house look inviting.”

Frank R.

St. Petersburg (Smacks Bayou)

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We had a major renovation project of a house in Clearwater Beach and Eric Morrison helped make the entire project successful from beginning to the end!

The exterior landscaping was one of the most significant problems we needed to address. We had a huge pine tree in the front yard, effectively cutting out all the light to the front of the house, scruffy hapless bushes, a badly bricked front patio, a cracked asphalt driveway and a back yard that resembled “The Land That Time Forgot”!

Eric provided everything for the exterior grounds: from removing all the old vegetation, trimming back trees, having ground irrigation installed all around the house, providing and overseeing paver installations and installing quality plant beds with gorgeous first-rate plantings!

What follows are the details: I provided Eric Morrison with some scaled landscape drawings that I threw together myself and somehow Eric managed to understand them and create a glorious transformation! He removed the monster pine tree and a few other oversized palms in the front yard, followed the landscape drawings flawlessly and even threw in some additional beautiful flowering plants as a border around the new triple palm he planted in one garden bed.

He replaced the old front patio bricks, walkway and driveway with beautiful, limestone colored pavers in an elegant pattern and came up with creative solutions for a variety of other landscape areas to the sides of the house.

The backyard was transformed when he installed an elegant paved back patio and a series of tall bamboo trees to provide a privacy screen. We had trouble with a shaded area where the grass was having difficulty growing, and he came up with a great solution by adding an additional bed of pretty plantings that flourish in the shade!

Eric has been a consummate professional from beginning to end. He has always been very easy to reach, communicates well, is a superb creative problem solver, is friendly, understands schedule deadlines and stands by his masterful work.

If you are looking for a truly exceptional Landscaper/Master Gardener – Eric Morrison is the man you want to call!

Respectfully submitted,

Claudia Powell Fisher

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Take a look at past projects completed by Master Gardener Landscaping. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to transform many unappealing landscapes into gorgeous, breathtaking landscapes.