To all Florida Residents and our neighboring states, our family and employees of Master Gardener Landscaping want to extend our most sincere wishes for your safety. To all Pinellas, Hillsborough and Manatee County Residents, we want you to know that we have expertise in drainage, flooding and outdoor sinkhole repairs.

We have been giving priority to storm emergency needs. We will be happy to assist with cleanup and landscaping necessities. Feel free to call us with your needs and we will put you on the list. Since we are located in Pinellas County, we will have to give Pinellas residents first priority.

Drainage — To look at drainage options please see our website under drainage. In addition to that information, we can offer temporary relief by using grading and trenching to redirect water away from unwanted areas, by sump pump, and other means. We will be staffing up to handle the load as much as possible, but all projects must be viewed on site by the Owner, Eric Morrison.

Sinkholes — We are not engineers, but we do think like engineers and have experience making sinkhole repairs OUTSIDE of any structures, including driveways. We dig with an excavator to find the depth of the sinkhole, open up the cavity, and pour concrete until a few inches short of the final grade. Then topdress with soil, finish with mulch, sod, plants, and hardscape surfaces (installed by others).

General, helpful information for after the storm

Please be careful hiring “contractors”. Call us for advice if you are not sure. Even if we are too busy to help, we might know of someone reputable, or at the very least, help you to make a wise decision. We are a small company with far-reaching resources. We care about helping our fellow citizens and want to do what we can to assist in putting the beautiful state we love back in order.

Plant and lawn damage

*Salt Water Damage — To minimize salt water damage to lawns, we recommend you try to purge salt out of lawns, and off of plants and planting beds by using city water. Lightly flood the area, making sure to wash it off the surface to a place where plants are not going to be utilized, whether that be into the gutter system, etc. This will also help dilute salt intrusion and lessen the salt “burn”. Damage to plants and lawns from salt exposure often does not become evident until days or weeks later. So if discoloration on plants appear in the days to come, and you think landscape material has been exposed, that could be the reason.

*Windburn — Could affect plants as well.

*Wind damage — Can lay over the “heart” of a palm tree, which is the center fronds. If it gets damaged severely, the tree can die.

*Excessive water — Areas that are either damp or not usually damp can affect plants as they are extreme conditions that the plant is not used to and may exceed its tolerance. Sprinkler systems left to run during heavy rain can make wet conditions worse.

*There will be damage to plants from falling debris.

*Fungus — Once again, excessive water can cause fungus, with plants as discussed, but also in lawns. It gets worse when it is moist and hot and stays wet overnight. Please schedule a fungicide treatment once it has dried out as soon as possible. You may have to call for a reapplication if rain and/or fungus persists. Consult with your lawn spray specialist. Let your property dry out—but not severely dry. Extreme wet and dry conditions can drive lawns and landscape plants crazy.

Be careful walking, riding bikes, and driving after the storm. Look up and around, don’t be in a hurry. There could be many unforeseen hazards. For example: power lines that are not downed yet, signage dangling, washouts in streets, ditches, and yards, or trees and branches that have yet to topple over. Every tree and plant must be examined for compromises in its structure. Electrical components with live wires exposed must be avoided.

Also, Storm Stress can cause a person to not be as focused as usual and more susceptible to poor judgement. Sometimes, you are money ahead and better off physically by paying a professional to do the work.

Before you cut trees or plants down or have them removed, bear in mind there are situations where we can upright plants.

We are your storm-damaged landscape restoration specialists. We can also advise you on how to make your landscape more storm resistant for the future.

We urge everyone to show driver courtesy to one another and pedestrians, bicyclists, and let everyone navigate cities with caution! People may need to stop suddenly for emergency vehicles, downed trees, tow trucks, tree services, even landscapers helping people with drainage. The storm we can’t control. The damage aftermath we can to a great extent. Let’s not be each other’s worst enemies but help one another to rebuild safely!


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